Turning Inwards – An Inward journey to perpetual bliss


  1. Interactive workshop
  2. Deep understanding through activities

Key Takeaways

The entire program is divided into three interwoven sessions of 120 minutes each over three days –

 1. Knowing Thyself – A deep dive within

The 5 sheaths of human body:

    •             Annamaya Kosha
    •             Pranamaya Kosha
    •             Manomaya Kosha
    •             Vignanmaya Kosha
    •             Anandamaya Kosha
  1. Managing Thyself – Application of our intelligence to handle emotions

Being non -judgmental and neutral towards self and others, Identifying and regulating emotions of self and others, understanding others, liberating mind

  1. Applying Thyself – Sailing consistently through rough & smooth tides of life

Strengthening resilience, developing success circle & webbing fulfilling ecosystem

Learning Objectives

  1. Attain calmness of your mind at will
  2. Enhances Focus and Concentration for better communication
  3. Rejuvenates your body
  4. Access optimal level of potential
  5. Improve external and internal communication
  6. Create smart learning in short time
  7. Enhances Performance &  Productivity
  8. Expands your consciousness to a space of bliss

Turning Inwards