Acquire the skills and confidence to organize and deliver effective presentations to any size audience. You will see immediate skill improvement and deliver the point of your presentation effectively to your audience.


  1. Interactive methodology involving activities, role-plays.
  2. Life-like situations simulated to ensure practical application of concepts

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn how to…
    • Planning the presentation
    • Effectiveness in delivering the intended message
    • Overcoming fear of public speaking

Learning Objectives

1. Factors that create impact in Face- to-Face Presentations
2. Non Verbal Communication: Posture, Movement, Gestures
3. Using Body Language in Presentations
4. The process of Preparing Effective Presentations
5. Determining the Strategy and Objective’s of a Presentation
6. Creating the Outline of a Presentation
7. Organizing and Presenting your ideas in an Impact way
8. Starting Successfully: How to Begin a Presentation
9. Techniques for Concluding a Presentation with impact
10. Developing and Using effective Visual Aids
11. Performance and Voice Modulation
12. Controlling Speaking Stress and Fear
13. Handling the Question – Answer Session
14. Creating the balance between tools and technology
15. Dealing with Presentation Disasters

Presentation Skills - Duration 15 Hours

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