E.I – Emotional Intelligence for successful leadership


  1. Interactive workshop
  2. Deep understanding through activities

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn …
    1. What is E.I?
    2. E.I vs I.Q?
    3. Emotional Arousal and stages of emotions
    4. Components of E.I
    5. Communication – a catalyst to reflect E.I
    6. E.I and Leadership

Learning Objectives

  1. What is E.I ?
  2. Recognize need of E.I in today’s stressful work environment
  3. How E.I along with I.Q plays a crucial role in nurturing prospective leaders
  4. Insight about emotional arousal, emotional hijack and how to overcome same
  5. Three stages of emotions – primary, secondary and tertiary
  6. Self-introspection for better self-awareness and self-control
  7. Role of intrinsic motivation in order to stick to ones and company’s  goals
  8. The need of empathy for enhancing the relationship management
  9. Creating a positive work environment by imbibing social skills
  10. Communication – A catalyst in reflecting the E.I
  11. Role of E.I in transforming, influencing and persuading team members into promising leader