Mindfulness – For a complete living


  1. Interactive workshop
  2. Deep understanding through activities
  3. The entire program is divided into three levels –
    Ankur : Foundation Level – Journey from Mind Full to Mindful
    Aarmbhik : Intermediary Level – Strategies for Creating the Mindfulness
    Agrim : Advanced Level – Specialized Tools & Techniques to Train the Mind

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn …
    1. What is Mindfulness?
    2. Create consciousness & blissful awareness
    3. Tap into your optimum potential
    4. Convert tasks into an achievable milestone
    5. Inculcate positive thoughts

Learning Objectives

  1. How our Mind works ?
  2. Why we are the way we are?
  3. Why & How Mind Conditioning is helpful?
  4. How to Attain Mindfulness State?
  5. How to convert a Fixed Mind-set to a Growth Mind-set?
  6. Self-introspection for better self-awareness and self-control
  7. How to convert WHY (Situation) to HOW (Strategy)?
  8. Quick Tips to create Emotional-Physiological balance
  9. Ways to build Confidence & create a Resourceful State
  10. How to remain Focus and achieve Goals?