Python Courses


  1. Interactive workshop
  2. Deep understanding through assignments

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn …
    1. The basic programing usage of python
    2. Variables, strings and how to use them
    3. Different conditional statements, arithmetic operations and their syntax
    4. Basic function usage and how functions are useful for advanced programing
    5. Similar data type evaluation and different data type evaluation
    6. Debugging elements / Different variables

Learning Objectives

There are the courses   –

    1. Foundation : 9.5 Hrs : Over one week
    2. Advance : Foundation + 11.5 Hrs : Over one week
    3. Python Essentials : Certificate course for working professionals : 2 days : Skill enhancement for career progression

Mode: The curriculum is 65% practical and 35% theory. Consists of real time assignments for the students, to ensure they are able to earn immediately after they learn.