Covers basics of verbal & non-verbal communication. The module aims at building confidence through improved ability to communicate.


  1. Interactive methodology involving activities, role-plays.
  2. Life-like situations simulated to ensure practical application of concepts. The programme emphasizes in developing the individual in coping with actual situations and not just text book methodology.

Key Takeaways

  • You will learn how to…
    • Gain self confidence
    • Influence others by getting your ideas across
    • Receive developmental feedback on your personal style

Learning Objectives

1. Factors that create impact in Face- to-Face Presentations
2. Non Verbal Communication: Posture, Movement, Gestures
3. Using Body Language in Presentations
4. The process of Preparing Effective Presentations
5. Determining the Strategy and Objective’s of a Presentation
6. Creating the Outline of a Presentation
7. Organizing and Presenting your ideas in an Impact way
8. Starting Successfully: How to Begin a Presentation
9. Techniques for Concluding a Presentation with impact
10. Developing and Using effective Visual Aids
11. Performance and Voice Modulation
12. Controlling Speaking Stress and Fear
13. Handling the Question – Answer Session
14. Creating the balance between tools and technology
15. Dealing with Presentation Disasters

Communication Skills - Duration 15 Hours

Communication Skills