Customer Handling Skills

Improve your customer service skills by covering a broad range of topics including, handling and resolving conflicts, maintaining professionalism, managing customer complaints, call center training and teaching respect in the workplace.

Learning Objectives

1. Initiating a customer focus
2. How to introduce the customer service programme
3. Generating commitment
4. How to generate commitment to the introduction of a customer service focus
5. Where does customer service fit in?
6. What do we offer our customers?
7. How to define the team’s service niches and service characteristics
8. Seeking customer feedback
9. How to find out what customers want and how they see you
10. Best practice benchmarking
11. Creating a positive image
12. Getting the message across
13. To learn how to communicate with your customers
14. Dealing with difficult customers
15. How to learn how to deal with problem or difficult customers
16. How to make customer service a way of life

Customer Handling Skills - Duration 40 Hours

Learning & Development