Call Center Operations

Call Centre Optimization: Leading bank in UAE


The scope of the project was to ensure a sustainable improvement in the way service way delivered through call centre. The issues identified by the client pointed towards effective management of the call centre.


The project was for a leading bank in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Channels: The following channels were studied and changes were made in people and operations related processes to ensure optimal results.

Team size:

  • Manager: 1
  • Supervisors: 5
  • Call centre executives: 70

Operational hours:

  • Weekdays: All days
  • Timings: 24 hours
  • Shifts: 22 (All shifts put together)

Calls to agents per day: 5,000

Issues: The following were the concerns:

Productivity related:

  • Low productivity
  • No proper measure of performance
  • Very basic scheduling tool

People related:

  • Team handling skills
  • Ambiguous growth path

Technology related:

  • More technology used than required


Study was conducted to understand the following:

  • Linkages between manger-supervisor-team members
  • Performance evaluation processes
  • Training process
  • Feedback process


  • Performance management system – proposed & implemented
  • Feedback mechanism– proposed & implemented
  • Career growth plan- proposed
  • Regular calibration– proposed & implemented
  • Opportunities for pro-activeness- proposed
  • Automation opportunity-proposed


Recommendations were implemented as a B-O-T (Build-Operate-Transfer) model initiatives helped in:

  • Capacity released 27 man-hours per day
  • Productivity improvement by 60% in 6 months
  • Absenteeism down by 50% in 3 months
  • Bank’s national service ranking up from 18th to 2nd

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